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Choosing a photo

Good photos are essential to create that perfect portrait of your beloved pet. They should be high resolution digital photos which can be sent by email, but if you are unable to provide this it could be possible to provide a printed one - contact me for further details.


When ordering a portrait, I do need to see the photograph you wish me to work from before, to ensure that it is clear enough for me to produce the best possible results. It is best to include several photos if possible, stating which one you would ideally like drawn, I can then assess the suitability of the photos and agree with you the way forward.


Photography tips


To ensure I can achieve the best results for your pet portrait it is important that I can work from high quality, clear images which show the unique details of your particular pet such as the fur, eyes, markings etc. 


  • Natural lighting will usually produce the best results, a flash can produce harsh lights and shadows. Photographs taken outside without flash or by a large window are the best to avoid red eye. Try to avoid a really sunny day as the sun will cast dark shadows on your pet. Ideally, take your photographs with your back to the sun, but try to make sure your pet isn’t squinting or in partial shadow. Try to take a few pictures in varying conditions to get the best picture to work from.


  • Take your pets photograph at their level rather than looking down to avoid and distortion or an unnatural pose. Remember, the drawing you commission will be displayed on the wall at eye level, so it makes sense to be taking the photo on their level. To achieve this you can either crouch or lie down when taking photos, or alternatively you could raise your pet up onto a table or other stable surface. When taking the photos imagine how the pose might look once framed and hanging on the wall.


  • Make sure your pet is facing the camera (see below for acceptable positions)


  • Try to get as close to your pet as possible whilst staying in focus as this will give the maximum amount of detail and make drawing the portrait easier.


  • Ideally take the photo with a good quality digital camera. If taking the photo with a smartphone the camera should be of a very high quality to allow detail to be clear at A4 size.


See below for some examples of good and poor photos to create a portrait from. If you are unsure of the suitability of your photos, please email me and I will liase with you as to how to proceed, with no commitment.

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