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Safety Collars

These safety collars have been designed and made to protect your dog when out walking in the dark. The distinctive reflective, gloss tape provides high visibility to keep your dog safe - especially vital when walking next to roads, along country roads or even on pavements that bikes use. Useful for searching for your dog in the dark too!

They can be purchased in our Etsy Shop

 1 inch clip collar 

  1 inch martingale collar 

 1.5 inch martingale collar 

The safety collar is also available in a 1.5 inch clip collar.

All designs also available with a green reflective strip. 


  • 1 inch clip collar or martingale collar ~ £14.99

  • 1.5 inch clip or martingale collar ~ £17.99

P&P is £2 to all UK addresses for one collar, contact me for postage costs for multiple items or overseas orders. 

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